How to Delay Orgasm With Creams, Sprays and Condoms

There are several products available in the market these days which claim that they will allow you to delay orgasm as long as you like. It can be quite hard to select which one would be the most appropriate for you and meet your requirements, but at the same time, can come as a respite for those men who want to know how to delay orgasm. These products really do help to delay orgasm and are effective for this purpose as reported by a large number of men who tried them. Some of the most commonly used products are discussed below which have gained a huge amount of popularity amongst men, and you can choose any of them since they are all equally effective.

The first product on our list happens to be the various creams and lotions which can be easily found in a large variety of drugstores and websites specializing in such products. These creams basically help to make your penis numb which helps to delay orgasm for as long as you like, but also decrease the amount of pleasure you will experience when making love. You need to be careful since sex has to be all about pleasure if you want to gain maximum satisfaction. The second product on our list are the sprays which are again quite popular amongst men wanting to delay orgasm. Their function is the same as that of creams and lotions but it would require you to spray the liquid on to your penis to function. Desensitizing condoms happen to be another product which are also quite effective. While the normal condoms are quite helpful in delaying orgasm, but these ones have been manufactured solely for this purpose, and really help to enhance the duration for which you are able to last while being in the bed.

For most men, these products really helped them to last 10 times longer than usual.

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