Common Last Longer In Bed Mistakes

So what are the common mistakes when trying to last longer in bed?


Often men experience premature ejaculation. At times, it is not because of any deficiency in them in fact most of the time it is due to some common mistakes. There are some common mistakes, which men often tend to ignore. Here is the list of these common mistakes:




If you have experienced premature ejaculation or it happens to you quite often, do not feels sad. You must erase this bad experience out of your mind. Often men stress themselves after any unfortunate sexual encounter and think a lot about it. Do not panic about the completely sexual experience. Make a fresh start every time.




All couples are different and their lovemaking process can be different. You must not keep unrealistic expectation by listening to other love making tales. Never compare your lovemaking act with time, it is more about how both of you feel after your sexual act. If you are fulfilling each other’s desire in short time this in itself fulfils your sexual need. At the end, you must be satisfied with your partner.


You Confidence:


If you are experiencing premature ejaculation, do not feel under confident. If you worry a lot about this problem, it will affect your sexual activity every time when you make love with your partner. Do not take stress; stress can tense your nervous system. If you are under stress your ejaculatory muscles becomes in a tensed state. You must focus on something, which will enhance your confidence.


Share Your Problem:


You must always share your problem with your partner. This will boost your morale. Once you will discuss the problem with your partner you will feel more close to your partner and later this helps in building up confidence. Your sexual activity will become stronger when you get added support from your partner.


Medical Help:


In case if you have tried many natural and home remedial steps and you have not received any help, do not hesitate to take medical help. You must discuss your problem with your doctor. There is no embarrassment in discussion. Doctor will have amazing solutions to your problems.


Do Not Masturbate Before Sex:


Many men have the habit of masturbation before sex. This will lower the chances of lasting longer in bed. Whenever you are masturbating, you release larger amount of energy and hormones. It takes time to build up hormones and retain energy back in your body. Thus, masturbation before sex will lessen the sexual intercourse experience and satisfaction.

Stop and Start Method is a big no.


Often men feel that by stopping and starting method, they can stay longer in bed. However, this trick has many bad effects. Firstly, it is a big distraction for your partner. This form of uninterrupted sex makes it more difficult to reach climax and makes your partner frustrated.


There are many ways, which can help you to cure the premature ejaculation problems. However, before adopting any technique you must avoid some of the common mistakes, which you often do during your love making process.

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